The deposit system

Reduce waste in your bathroom

We chose to implement a deposit system in order to move towards a zero waste bathroom and reduce our impact on the environment. All your glass containers are reused, pumps and lids are recycled with TerraCycle and your soap rings are recyclable directly into your paper bin.

Your approach is rewarded

For each 5 containers returned, receive a 5% discount*.
If you return 10 containers (and more!), receive a 10% discount*.

The life cycle of your Soin de Soi product

The setpoint cycle

How to recycle your containers?

  • When you receive your Soin de Soi order, save the cardboard and straw to return your containers to us more easily and ecologically.
  • Collect 5, 10 (or more!) empty containers, lids and pumps included.
  • Clean and rinse your containers.
  • Prepare your package by taking great care to protect and secure your containers, lids and pumps.
  • Log in to your account, go to the "deposit" tab and edit your postage-paid return label.
  • Drop off your package at a post office or ask for it to be picked up directly in your mailbox. You have until 11:00 pm the day before the collection to make the pickup request, then until 8:00 am on the day of the collection to drop the package in your mailbox. The letter carrier will then pick up your parcel during the day and leave a pick-up notice. You can then track the return of your package on or on your La Poste application.
  • Once received by us, your package is checked and your coupon is sent to you by email, you then have 1 month to use it.
  • You can also bring your containers directly to the Maison Soin de Soi in Gradignan, to the Soin de Soi boutique in Bordeaux and to all the salons in which we participate, the discount is then valid the same day.

Good to know!

Washing glass bottles and reusing them requires 4 times less energy than recycling them.

We collect and recycle with TerraCycle all the lids and pumps of our cosmetics. They are then cleaned before being extruded into plastic granules that will be used in the manufacture of everyday objects.

* Discount valid 1 month after the issue of the discount voucher, only on Soin de Soi products, excluding treatments and gift vouchers.