Box composed of 3 face and body essentials and a nice bundle offered :

ROMA soap

The ROMA cold-processed soap cleanses all types of skin. Made with rice powder (exfoliating), Rosemary Camphor (healing), Lavender (regenerating) and Ylang-Ylang (balancing) Essential Oils. Recommended for combination and oily skin. This cold-processed soap can be used for both face & body.

ROMA shower gel

The ROMA shower gel cleanses, relaxes and comforts the skin. Made of Rosemary Camphor Essential Oil (healing), Lavender Essential Oil (soothing and regenerating) and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (balancing).

Lip balm BOM

The BOM lip balm nourishes and protects the lips. Made of Shea Butter (nourishing and healing), Cocoa Butter (soothing) and Coconut Oil (plumping). It protects the lips and leaves a delicate Cocoa and Vanilla smell.

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