Gua Sha Duo


  120,00 €

The Gua Sha "Angel Skin" are made of Bian, a natural stone known for its therapeutic, draining and detoxifying properties. It is the stone that contains the most different minerals (30 in total) which interact directly with the cells of our skin.

The Gua Sha "Angel Skin" has a unique design. Each face of your Gua Sha has a different shape: the point is to be able to massage your body and your face using different techniques, to stimulate specifically each part of your anatomy, to act precisely on the fascias (eyes, mouth, nose, eyebrows, cheeks) and to make it easy to hold and handle.

  • How to use
    • For the handling of these invaluable tools, a protocol face and body in video associating points of acupressure, smoothing and scraping as well as a note of instruction are provided with the box.

  • Ingredient
    • Bian

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