Barber Kit

Handmade Barber Kit

  180,00 €

This Barbet Kit includes a razor and a shaving brush. Handmade in Thiers, France, using Juniper wood

  • How to use
    • Wet the skin with lukewarm water. Put water on the shaving brush and shake it well. Apply the brush on the shaving soap and lather the skin in circular motions. Rinse the blades regularly while you shave. Rinse the skin with warm, then cold water. Wipe yourself down and apply the BARB Aftershave balm. Put your shaving brush downwards on the brush holder to make it dry properly.

  • Characteristics 
    • Handmade in Thiers, France

    • Juniper Wood and Pure Badger hair Shaving Brush (size 12)

    • Juniper Wood razor - blades are Gillette Mach3 compatible

    • Steel Razor Holder
  • Ingredient
    • Juniper Wood - Razor blades

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