My essentials GOM scrub - YDRA face mask


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Soft skin essentials bundle composed of:

GOM scrub

The GOM Face Exfoliating Mask scrubs and purifies combination and oily skin. Made of White Clay (deep cleaning), Pink Clay (highlighting) and Prune Stones Powder (exfoliating). It removes impurities and tightens the pores. Also made of Tea Tree Essential Oil (purifying), Palmarosa Essential Oil (cleansing), Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil (toning) and Ho Wood Essential Oil (revitalising). 

YDRA face mask

The YDRA Face Mask hydrates and heals dry and dehydrated skin. Made of Organic Aloe Vera (hydrating and healing) and Carrot Oil (unifying), it plumps and gives a boost to the skin’s natural shine. Also composed of Jasmine Essential Oil (hydrating), Sclary Sage Essential Oil (firming) and Carrot Essential Oil (regenerating). Its fluid, jelly-like texture hydrates, soothes and softens the skin.

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