RESPIRE Herbal Tea

Respiratory Herbal Tea with Thyme and Marshmallow


30gr -   16,00 €

The RESPIRE Herbal Tea helps boost the immune and respiratory systems. Made of Ivy (natural expectorant), Bay Leaf and Myrtle (antiseptic), Thyme (boosts the immune system), Marshmallow (softening) and Lavender (soothing). Can be used as a preventive way or as a cure as soon as respiratory symptoms appear. Also recommended during the Spring to prevent Hay Fever.

Flowers and plants are either harvested in the wild or sourced from natural, organic and ethical agriculture.
All teas and herbal teas are made by hand in Saint-Magne, France.

  • How to use
    • Split a pinch of the herbal mix and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes in simmering water.

  • Ingredients
    • Thyme, Elderberry, Ivy, Marshmallow, Lavender, Pine, Bay Leaf, Myrtle, Clove

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Tisane agréable

Voilà, j'achève le pot et j'ai bien aimé, cette tisane change de ce qu'on peut trouver sur le marché

    By Elsa the 02/19/2022

    Délicieuse tisane

    Excellente tisane. Délicieuse. N'hésitez pas !

      By Mathilde G the 05/04/2020

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